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Finding the FDA Information
You Didn’t Know You Could Have

Reserve your spot for the premiere down-to-earth tour of the information available from FDA using the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) led by Marlene Bobka, President of FOI Services.

How Tos, Tips, Expert Advice

  • What FOIA is – and isn’t
  • What FDA tells you about using FOIA
  • What FDA doesn’t tell you about using FOIA
  • Tips for constructing effective FOIA requests
  • How long it takes to receive records
  • What you can’t get, no matter how nicely you ask
  • Various types of records to consider requesting – and how to get them
  • What you can expect to learn from each record type
  • The capable, confidential help FOI Services offers to help you find FDA documents

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a private presentation for your company, please email Marlene Bobka at or phone +1-301-975-9400.